Aluminium is now the second most widely used metal in the world. It is because aluminium has unique properties such as; Low weight, high strength, superior malleability, easy machining, excellent corrosion resistance and good thermal and electrical conductivity. Aluminium is also very easy to recycle.


   Aluminium is only 1/3 the weight of steel.


   Unlike most steel, aluminium does not become brittle at low temperatures. Instead, its strength increases. At high temperatures, aluminium's strength decreases. At temperatures continuously above 100°C, strength is affected to the extent that the weakening must be taken into account.

Linear expansion

   Compared with other metals, aluminium has a relatively large coefficient of linear expansion. This has to be taken into account in some designs.


   Aluminium is easily worked using most machining methods – milling, drilling, cutting, punching, bending, etc.

Corrosion resistance

   Aluminium reacts with the oxygen in the air to form an extremely thin layer of oxide. Though it is only some hundredths of a (my) m thick (1 (my)m is one thousandth of a millimeter), this layer is dense and provides excellent corrosion protection. The layer is self-repairing if damaged. Anodising increases the thickness of the oxide layer and thus improves the strength of the natural corrosion protection. Where aluminium is used outdoors, thicknesses of between 15 and 25 ¥ìm (depending on wear and risk of corrosion) are common. Aluminium is extremely durable in neutral and slightly acid environments.

Zero toxicity

   After oxygen and silicon, aluminium is the most common element in the Earth's crust. Aluminium compounds also occur naturally in our food.

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