Choosing your glass carefully will add to the interior comfort and safety to you home. The decision in glass selection depends on many factors. Here are some of the glass that can be selected with AB&W products.

Standard float glass

         Transparent flat sheet glass. The most common type of glass used for building and residential house glazing purposes.Maximum size of standard product is as large as 3m x 10m sheet with a thickness of 19mm, thereby we can cater to customers with large glazing needs. Float glass has excellent planarity and least distortion.

Tempered glass

         Safety glass that is between three and five times the strength of annealed glass, achieved through heating and then rapidly cooling of sheet glass. Fragments become finely granular in the event of breakage.รวมสอทงหมด 2015 Page 59

Laminated glass

         Glass with an intermediate film inserted between two pieces of flat sheet glass. Effective in crime/ disaster prevention since it is hard to penetrate and even if it is broken, very few fragments scatter. Also very effective in cutting out ultraviolet rays.